About Us

TakeStock AIO is a UK & EU based reselling group created to help you reach your financial potential, without any bots or experience. Reselling is buying an item that is in high demand and then selling it for a profit. You are able to do this once a products demand outweighs its supply. When reselling is mastered it can provide you with crazy profit from very little work, here at TakeStock UK we show you the ropes to TAKESTOCK & PROFIT!



In Store Information

We currently provide nationwide instore information for the UK and full raffle information for the EU & UK.



Need to be away from your phone during a drop? No problem. Our ACO providers will run their bots for you so you can cop wherever you are.


Profitable Flips

From instore to online, consoles to kayaks. We provide brickflips + lowkey flips which are perfect for those with low capital.


Lightning Speed Monitors

All members gain access to our top of the range monitors which cover sites such as, but not limited to, Offspring, Nike, Mesh, Argos & Smyths. These will notify you of all drops and restocks, keeping you 10 steps ahead of the public.


Non-Toxic Community

We pride ourselves on having a limited and therefore tight community full of like minded individuals who support each other in any way that they can.


1:1 Support

If you need help with anything our staff are there to assist you whatever the time.


Free Amazon Products

We work with Amazon agents who help members receive a number of Amazon products for completely free.


Sports Arbitrage

Not your normal sports betting service. Sports artbitrage is based on knowledge, not predictions. Here at TakeStock AIO we provide picks based on numbers and not feelings, therefore making you consistent profit. 18+ only.

Sites We Monitor

+ Many More


£15 per month

Still Have Questions?

Feel free to contact us at info@takestockuk.io